Cheetah Print Dress

Printed dresses and accessories add glam and body contour to your fashion taste. Small fine prints can create an illusion of slimming down your full figure while large prints can emphasize and make your petite stature more prominent. Cheetah print dress is a good example of a glamorous outfit to play with your figure either to downsize or upsize it according to how large or small the print is.

Cheetah printed clothing and accessories add pizazz to your wardrobe collection. Some women have a natural instinct in mix and matching clothes while others are natural disasters when it comes to wearing awful eyesore clothing ensemble.

cute cheetah print dress

The Evolution of Clothing

Clothing has always been a trademark of man. Since the dawn of time, man has found a way to protect himself from weather conditions. In hot climates, clothing has protected man from sunburned skin while in colder places, clothing has provided defense from the cold. Clothing can be a form of fabric made from plant fibers or animal skin.

Cheetah Prints into Fashion

The knack in wearing Cheetah print dress has started in the primitive era about six hundred thousand years ago when people use cheetah and leopard skin as body protection from the extreme cold especially during winter season when snow and ice are thick and freezing to death.

The primitive way of dressing includes separating the skin of the animal, drying it for several days before making it as body warmers and blankets. Because the animal skins start to decay over time, these primitive people have found a way to preserve the deteriorating skin of the animal. Until eventually civilizations flourished and more and more discoveries were made that led to processing of skin and plant fibers making them more wearable and long lasting over time.

sexy cheetah print prom dress

Many people loved the warmth that animal skin provides. This has made animals more prone to senseless killings for the demand of their skin. With the advancement and modernization of things and lifestyle, cheetah print dress has become more synthetic rather than purely from animal source. Cheetahs are considered endangered species and people are forbidden by the law to hunt these animals for their skin. Even with the law restricting humans to harvest animal skin, man has found a way to mimic the magnificent animal prints without actually killing a live animal. Faux animal prints are discovered and has dominated the fashion scene equally stunning and saving the animal kingdom.

How to Wear Cheetah Printed Clothing

There are fashion rules in wearing animal printed clothing. Cheetah printed clothing and other animal prints are considered “loud” designs that need to be carefully matched with other clothing apparel and fashion accessories. Here are some rules when wearing these types of fashion statements:

  • Minimize accessories. Long sleeve cheetah print dress will speak fabulous by itself. Adding bold accessories such as dangling earrings, necklaces, and many more will make you look over dress as the accessories and the dress compete for attention.
  • Match with solid colors. For strapless cheetah print dress and blouses, it is best to match with solid colored skirts. Black, brown, white, red and many more solid colors will even out the prints and tone down the loudness of the outfit.
  • Match with same prints. If you want to wear all printed, you can match an animal printed blouse and skirt provided that one of the outfit should be in different color. For example, you can wear a brown blouse and a red blouse but both with the same animal prints.

elegant long sleeve cheetah print dress

  • Pick the Right Shoes. The perfect pair of shoes to wear with these animal printed outfits must also be in solid colors especially if you are wearing a cheetah printed dress. When wearing cheetah printed shoes, you can play with your tops and pants and still look fabulous with it.
  • Jackets and Coats. There are times when you are unsure how to pull off a cheetah printed jacket or coat. As a rule of thumb, you can don these fabulous finds anytime as long as you have solid or blocking colors for your blouse and pants or skirt. You don’t want to go all the way with your jacket and blouse with the same design. You can always remove the cheetah printed jacket when you feel like it.
  • When in doubt, don’t. Some fashion conscious men and women have reservations whether they could carry cheetah printed clothing with confidence all day. If you are one of these people, you can always start with wearing a cheetah printed scarf, or a cheetah printed bangle for a start. Not everyone can pull off something as fashionable and as fierce as animal printed clothing, so start small and then experiment as you go along.
  • Wear with confidence. Nothing beats confidence. Whatever style of clothing ensemble you wear, confidence exudes in everything you do. If you don’t have the self-esteem to carry out even the most expensive designer dress, you will not look good in it. More than the clothing, also maintain a happy and cheerful disposition in life. This way you can match your animal print with class, fashion and most importantly confidence to deliver.

Wearing It to Prom and other Events

The music influence of Katy Perry’s hit song “Roar” has also popularized the animal print clothing making it more sought after with teens and young professional fans of this pop icon. Girls are now confident in wearing cheetah print prom dress and flaunt their fiery animalistic side the same way pop music icon Katy Perry has shown the world how to unleash inhibitions wearing animal printed clothing.

You can virtually see cheetah print dress displayed prominently by famous celebrities and known key persons in the society. These animal prints connote the jungle, primal instincts and fierceness. Not only during school promenades have these dresses been popular but also in special social event such as weddings with a safari theme and political occasions where high ranking officials of serious businesses and classes have don animal prints as well. This loud design has gained a wide acceptance and has been regarded as high fashion mainstay design over the years.

simple yet elegant strapless cheetah print dress

When Not To Wear Cheetah Printed Clothing

However, there is one place that women and men are not allowed to wear this type of clothing and that is when you visit the zoo where there are live leopards, cheetahs and lions on hand. These animals still could not differentiate their own kin and skin with that of a human being in fashionable animal print. To keep visitors safe, they are given cover ups and jackets to hide their animal printed outfit.

Wearing the trendiest clothing could mean big deal to prominent persons in the society since they are always seen in the media. People will constantly judge them with the way look, talk and deal with public affairs. Clothing has long been regarded as status symbol also. Many have regarded certain kinds of clothing as commiserating the wearer’s personality and appeal. It is very important to dress appropriately in certain situations and occasions to gain respect and recognition from people you will meet. The way you chose and carry your outfit is an extension of your real self and personality. No matter what the fashion trend is, animal printed clothing is here to stay.